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Elementary Before/After School Tuition Fees

Before/After School Care                           Weekly Rate

5 Days Only                                                   $  110.00

After School Care Pick Up Tuition Fees (open till 6:00pm)

5 Days                                                           $  92.00

4 Days                                                           $  80.00

3 Days                                                           $  66.00

2 Days                                                           $  54.00

Additional pick up days as available             $ 17.00

After School Care Drop Off Tuition Fees (open till 6:00pm)

5 Days                                                           $  83.00

4 Days                                                           $  70.00

3 Days                                                           $  59.00

2 Days                                                           $  46.00

Additional drop off days as available            $ 16.00

Please note...

Tuition fees are due each Monday, in advance, or the first day of the week your child is in care. A fee of 10% of the total weekly fee will be assessed for tuition received late.


New Students - $90.00 per child due at enrollment.

Returning Students - $70.00 per child annually.

Current Students enrolled in summer camp program - $30 per child annually.

Registration fees are non refundable and are renewed each September.

Multi-Child Discount.

Discounts are given for multi-child families. Discounts will always apply towards the oldest child in care. 2nd child $5.00 per day, 3rd child $7.00 per day, 4th child $9.00 per day.

Non Instructional Day/Holiday Rates

Full day when available

ASC Attenders - $48.00 per day, Non ASC Attenders - $55.00 per day.

Seasonal Camps available, Winter, Spring and Summer Camps - Pricing for each camp to be determined.

Other Tuition Rebates

There is an additional 10% tuition discount for any family that joins in membership with Faith Community Church.